​About Our Foie Gras: Revised 2018-10-09

Rougié Welfare Standards - Canadian Farms

After 10 to 12 weeks of free-range breeding, our moulard ducks have reached adulthood. They are ready to be hand-fed for a period of 11 days, 2 meals a day.

Trained and supervised caretakers: Our caretakers are properly trained and supervised by our animal welfare specialist. All farm workers commit to our demanding code of conduct. They are retrained once a year. Canada and the Province of Quebec have implemented one of the most advanced set of legislation to protect the health and welfare of farm animals. Our caretakers are informed that cruelty towards animals falls under the penalty of Canadian Criminal Law (sect. 445-447), the Québec Animal Health Protection Act and the Québec Animal Welfare and Safety Act.

Comfortable farm environment: Our ducks have free access to water, whose pH is closely monitored for their well-being. Lighting, temperature, humidity levels and ventilation are optimized for the comfort of our ducks. Predators and pests are eradicated. During the hottest days of summer, when the humidity and heat levels reach their peak, we give our ducks and farmers a well-deserved break.

Moderation: Our ducks are hand-fed with a moderate meal plan aiming for their livers not to exceed 70% of their potential weight. The hand-feeding period is 50% shorter than that of US- produced foie gras.

Individualized diet: Each duck is individually fed according to its ingestion and digestion potential. This is determined by the caretaker’s individual examination of the crop sack while checking whether the previous meal has been fully digested.

Antibiotic and hormone free: We never ever use any antibiotics or hormones. Well pampered ducks are healthy. There is no need for drugs.

Highest handling and transportation standards: Our caretakers and drivers receive specific training regarding the handling and transportation of our ducks. They are CLT certified (Canadian Livestock Transportation). Our trailers have been specifically designed to provide ideal ventilation and comfort. All transported animals are subject to inspection by an official inspector, as dictated by the high standards of Canadian Health of Animals Regulation Code (P- 12, sect 137).

Health and Welfare Inspection: Each duck is inspected for its health and welfare by an experienced veterinarian appointed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The need for corrective measures is immediately notified to our animal welfare specialist.

Farming high quality foie gras requires attention to every detail and great care for our ducks. Above all, it requires passion, dedication and hard work. By being at the forefront of animal farming standards, Rougié has become the gold standard of foie gras.