Policy Regarding Outside Desserts

Yes we serve dessert. Our desserts are made in house. Our dessert menu changes frequently; but typically you can expect to see Crème Brûlée, Cheesecake and more available on any given night.

Outside desserts are allowed; however please read over these details regarding outside desserts:

1. Outside desserts are subject to a $2.50 per person plating fee. Pro Tip: It is customary for whoever provides the dessert to cover the fee for the entire table. But we can invoice guests separately for this charge.

2. The outside desserts may be store bought or home made. No weed brownies, CBD cookies etc.

3. The desserts may be dropped off ahead of time or upon arrival for your reservation. We will store your dessert appropriately for you (fridge/freezer). You do not require to notify us ahead of time that you are bringing a dessert; however it is greatly appreciated.

4. We will present your dessert to your guest of honour with 1 candle. You may provide your own additional candles.

5. Our staff will not sing for you; but you can go crazy. However please be respectful to your fellow diners.

6. After the dessert and candle presentation we will return the dessert to the kitchen where our team will slice and plate your dessert.

7. If there are any leftovers we will re-package them for you. If they are not taken with you that evening they will be discarded/eaten.

8. Gas filled balloons are prohibited for your safety. Gas balloons and candle lit dining rooms do not mix.

9. Confetti is strictly prohibited. We're still vacuuming up confetti from the Deer + Almond 2016 staff holiday party.